Durga McBroom (b. Los Angeles, CA) was a voracious reader from the age of 2 1/2, which marks the beginning of her love affair with the written word, not to mention that when other little girls her age were listening to The Osmonds, she was submerging herself in the music and lyrics of Joni Mitchell. Having a flamboyant nature, Durga attended U.C.L.A. (Theatre Arts Major), only leaving to play a featured role in the classic hit film "Flashdance". Other roles followed, and when she got tired of playing hookers and prison inmates, Durga tackled the music business. Her first tour was with the legendary band Pink Floyd. It was the first of 3 world tours with them (she is the only backing singer to be on all 3 tours), as well as one solo tour with David Gilmour.

Because of her work with the band, Durga moved to London, where she formed her own band Blue Pearl. Her first single, "Naked in the Rain" reached #4 on the British Pop chart, and in the top 20 in almost every other European chart. Blue Pearl went on to have 3 more chart-topping singles (including "Can You Feel The Passion" which reached #1 in the Billboard Dance Charts in the US), and Durga began writing poetry as well as her lyrics. She has written an entire book of poems called "Gods and Lovers".

In 2009, "Naked In The Rain" enjoyed it's 20th anniversary re-release (it hit 1 in the UK Club Breaker's chart), and a brand-new version is currently available on iTunes. Durga took Buenos Aires by storm in 2009 by doing three shows with The End, the premier Pink Floyd tribute band in South America! She returned in April of 2010 with pals Guy Pratt and Jon Carin of Pink Floyd fame. This started a wildly successful touring career as a guest star with many tribute bands all over the world – from Argentina to Finland.

Durga released her first single under her own name "Hurricane Heart" on iTunes in early 2011, another single Blue Pearl single "Take My Breath Away" with The Wideboys in 2012, and another single, a remake of the Blue Pearl hit "Can You Feel The Passion" (with backing vocals by the legendary Boy George) came out on Feb 11th 2013. She is also providing backing vocals on the new Culture Club album - the entire original lineup reformed in 2014.

Durga regularly works as a featured singer with The Everyone Orchestra, ringing in the New Year in Washington DC 2016/7.

Durga also provided backing vocals on the long-anticipated return of The English Beat’s new album, due out in 2017, and a host of other notable recording artists.

Youth and Durga have also reformed Blue Pearl, and they started recording a new album in the summer of 2014. Just afterwards, Durga literally went viral when she added to the news of the first Pink Floyd album release in 20 years (she is providing her customary backing vocals, being the only woman they have used consistently since 1987). She is even quoted in Rolling Stone. "The Endless River" was released in November, 2014 - look for the new Blue Pearl release in 2017, as well as a full international touring schedule, which will include a tour with the Dave Kerzner band on Cruise To The Edge (YES is the headliner) in February 2017. Durga appears on his album “New World," and he is producing a project with she and her sister Lorelei that consists of some Pink Floyd classics as well as original songs. This should also see an international release in 2017.